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A little insight to my course…

My blog is going to portray the build up towards my AS level coursework final piece. For this final piece, i will be put into a group of four to create an opening scene of a movie or a short trailer on a given genre. Each member of the group will be given a different role basted on their abilities and skills as an individual, to help aid the group. All of the work in which i produce will be documented on to my blog alongside with some extra ‘fun’ posts along the way. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much as i do whilst i create it for you. Thank you.

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Evaluation of Restrained

Final Edit

Third Edit

Second Edit

First screening and Class feedback

This is our first edit of ‘Restrained’.

We asked the class to give us detailed feedback based on the:

  • Mise-en-scene
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Camera

These are the responses that we received:

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What we did well:

  • The makeup and the mise-en-scene
  • Good range of shots and angles
  • The acting was good
  • Fast paced editing created tension

Improvements that we need to make during our next editing session based on the feedback we received:

  • The audio could be improved or changes
  • Tighter editing
  • Some of the shots are a bit too shakey
  • Add titles
  • Frame some of the shots
  • Change the sound at the end of the sequence or remove it


Guillermo Del Toro

Guillermo Del Toro is a Spanish film director, screenwriter, producer, and novelist. He was born on he 9th October 1964 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. He was raised by his grandmother who was a strong catholic. He began to develop a keen interest in filmmaking in his early teenage years.Unknown.jpeg

Later on in life he began to work with Dick Smith, a famous makeup and effects artist who worked on the Exorcist in 1973. He taught Guillermo about makeup and effects and they went on to work together for some short movies. Guillermo also took his skills and passion of the movie arts and started creating short movies of his own. At the age of 21, del Toro executive produced his first feature, Dona Herlinda and Her Son in 1986. He also directed and produced multiple television programs during this time. Del Toro spent almost 10 years working as a makeup supervisor, and formed his own company, Necropia in the early 1980s. Guillermo also spent a lot of time teaching people about the movie industry in directing, producing makeup and effects.Pan-s-Labyrinth-pans-labyrinth-4027830-960-540.jpg

He got his first big break when he directed Cronos. This movie was so brilliant that it won 9 academy awards in Mexico. However his most successful movie that he has created and directed would be ‘Pans Labyrinth’. At the academy awards, the movie had won:

  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Makeup
And was nominated for:
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Original Screenplay
  • Best Foreign Language Film

Pan's LabyrinthHellboy II: The Golden Army
These are some other movies that Guillermo has directed:

Alfred Hitchcock- The Master Of Suspense

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock (also a sir) was born on the 13th August 1899 and was an English film director and producer. He is most commonly known as the master of suspense because of all the renowned suspense-filled movies he has created. He was also very well known for pioneering many phycological thrillers and suspense filled sequences. Alfred was successful within his British Cinema career for both his silent films and his early talkies. He was also well-known as an one of England’s best directors for his talents. He moved to The United States in the 1930’s and became a citizen of the country in 1955alfred-hitchcock.jpg

Alfred Hitchcock started to become a renowned individual through:

  • interviews
  • movie trailers
  • cameo appearances in his own movies

Over the years he also began to create a trademark for himself through his directory style. He often liked to use the camera movement that could mimic a persons gaze, which made the audience engage in a form of  voyeurism.Furthermore, he also frequently framed shots which helped to maximise anxiety, empathy and fear for his audience. This is also a film-editing technique. His typical works often involve fugetatives that are running away from something. He was also very fond in including ‘icy blondes’ female characters to play lead roles. 03 Psycho.jpg

A film critic known as John Russel Taylor described Alfred Hitchcock as “the most universally recognizable person in the world”, and “a straightforward middle-class Englishman who just happened to be an artistic genius” in 1972. Alfred was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II during the 1980 New Year Honours for his contribution to film and because he was seen by many as one of the greatest film makers of all time!

Alfred Hitchcock is considered as one of the most influential director in cinematic history. He has created over fifty feature movies such as Psycho (1960), his most famous movie. Hitchcock’s first thriller known as ‘The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog’ created in 1926 was a major sucess and it helped shape the ‘thriller’ genre for the film industry. His movie ‘Blackmail’ is often seen as the first British ‘sound featured movie’ and his other movies such as ‘Rear Window’ (1954),’Vertigo’ (1958), North by Northwest (1959) are his most renowned movies, swell as ‘Psycho’.

Editing Our Media Product- The first Edit


Our editor Isobel Evans, took the footage home with her and started editing the piece on imovies. We wanted to break some conventions of the horror thriller genre by increasing the pace of the editing style by having short cuts that would build anticipation. It will also make the audience feel on edge as they would think that the girl is running out of time. Other then that we are looking to make sure that all of the shots connect accurately so that we have a continuous scene. We will do this by making sure that:

  • The actors actions flow from one shot to the other
  • The clothing remains the same
  • The rope has not moved
  • The makeup is maintained throughout
  • The shots are in an accurate order so that they can tell a story

As a group we all decided to meet up and do some further editing together to prepare for the first screening that we will have in class. We just wanted to make sure that all the shots were properly aligned and that the overall sequence looked as we planned. We did some further music research so that we would have an effective non-diegetic score that would be appropriate for our piece.


Day 1 filming

Our first day of filming was very successful. It was a perfect day to be filming out in the woods as there was not many people out and the rain managed to hold back ill we finished filming. We were filming for approximately three hours and we managed to film everything that we need except for the shots of the antagonist walking down the road past the missing poster, however we are planning on filming that during a free period outside of school as the forest is opposite it. Everyone was on time except for the actress which set us a little bit behind on time as I still had to do her makeup and sort out her costume. However because i had been practicing the look before i managed to quickly do her face and we had time to make it. Everyone had already set up the equipment and mise-en-scene and everyone in charge of props such as screwdrivers, knives, hammers, rope and do on had remembered everything. Filming was very quick, as we took the storyboard with us and the shots were very simple to film. The blinking point of view shots were a little more difficult to do, however we used our phone cases and shot a few tries with that and some where successful so we will hopefully be incorporating them into our piece. Overall it was a successful filming day and we will not need to re-film again.

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