Christine Blundell is a british makeup artist who was born in October 1961. She has won an academy award within the ‘Best Makeup’category at the 72nd Academy Awards on the 26th March 2000. She won this award for the film ‘Topsy Turvey’, alongside Trefor Proud.christine_blundell.jpg

Christine has been given over 50 credits ever since she became a world-renowned make-up artist from 1990. She also has a world-renowned makeup academy which is based in Camden, London known as the ‘Christine Blunder Makeup Academy’ or CBMA for short.

The Makeup Academy was opened by Christine in the spring of 2007. She opened the academy alongside her business partner, Petar Agbaba. She wanted to open the Academy so that graduates within the makeup field would be given the sufficient skills and training to take with them in the bar and makeup industry. Therefore she felt that by opening her school she could use professional hair and makeup individuals to teach anyone over the age of 17 to become skilled artists. Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.14.54

The students are taught all the necessary skills they need to become excellent hair and makeup artists for any field that they wish to go into. This could be TV, Films, Theatre and so on. Christine has a brilliant relationship within these fields as she has experience with all of them. All of the tutors are also industry led professionals that run different courses every week. This can be any of the following:

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.12.33

The tutors are also renowned artists that specialise in each of these fields. Each day, depending on the course you have, the students are intensely taught about each field. This allows the students to have the skills to be a successful artist, no matter the industry they wish to go into. These are some examples of the tutors that they have at the academy and reviews write about them:

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Christine was given an Academy and Bafta Award for the work that she did on Mike Leighs ‘Topsy Turvey’. She was also nominated for a Bafta award for the movie ‘Finding Neverland’ by Mr Turner, Vera Drake and Mark Fosters.

The first feature that she had done with Mike Leigh was for ‘Life is Sweet’. This is what sparked a working relationship between the two, leading them working on ‘Secrets and lies’, ‘happy Go Lucky’ and ‘Another Year’. They had worked together for over twenty years in producing features and still continue to work together.Some of Christine’s other features include:

  • Brian Helgelands – ‘Legend’.
  • Matthew Vaughn’s- ‘Kingsman-The Secret Service’.
  • Bill Coldon’s- ‘The Fifth Estate’.
  • Richard Curtis’s -‘About Time’.
  • Fernando Meirelles’s -‘The Constant Gardener’.

More recently, Christine has worked on Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur. This marks her third collaboration with director ‘Guy Ritchie’ after helping in creating the looks in Sherlock Holmes.

she has also helped with the creation of  ‘Wonder Woman’ directed by Patty Jenkins, due for release this summer.And is currently working on Paul King’s ‘Paddington 2’.

The academy is also really good as part of work experience, Christine takes her students on set with her to movies to help with hair and makeup. She most recently took her students on the set of Wonder Woman. The academy is also very renowned for their aftercare (which most other makeup schools do not offer). Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.12.13

I recently went to the open day for the academy in hoped of joining when i have completed my A levels. I found my time and experience there truly memorable and must say that it is the place for me. I feel like the school really gives you the chance to learn and develop your skills as an individual artist. The environment is also very friendly and welcoming. The school is also brilliant as it provides you with the tools, makeup and equipment you need making the whole process much easier. IMG_1042

I was also given the opportunity to be a ‘model’ for the students so that they would have the opportunity to practice hair and makeup on me. This also benefited me as I was taught how to create specific looks, included a bruised eye look. This can help for our final piece as i will me doing the makeup look for the piece and this can help me learn how to do the look:

The students also had the chance to do my hair so one of the girls decided to try out a ‘Victorian style’ which was succesful: